Jessica Simpson's daughter Maxwell Drew could be a $14 million baby

After what seemed like the longest pregnancy in gestational history, Jessica Simpson has finally lost her baby bump.

And now that Simpson is officially a mommy, she is about to get a financial boost Visit This Link to the tune of about $14 million, if she plays her cards right.

And knowing Simpson, she will.

How can Jessica Simpson make money off her 9-lb. 14-oz. bundle of joy, baby girl Maxwell Drew? Let us count the ways.

First, were not talking about selling off her baby pictures to People or OK!. That is so 2006. Jessica is a smarter businesswoman than that.

PHOTOS: Jessica Simpson Preg Pics.

Simpsons branded empire already grosses between $750 million and $1 billion a year. Now she can add mom-friendly products to her linethat means diaper bags, maternity-wear, baby blankets and 6-inch pump baby shoes.

We would not put it past her.

Jessicas take home from her business has been estimated in the range of 14 percent of wholesale sales and is likely in the range of $10 million to $20 million a year. Baby product extensions could serve to make her at least another $5 million annually.

Once people have babies it puts them in a totally different category. It starts when they get engaged and then they become a mommy and then they have the family. Now we will see the Jessica Simpson collection can go into kids things and baby things, explains Lori Levine, the founder of Flying Television, a celebrity-based marketing agency. Being a mom is her new platform."

There is also money in endorsing other peoples brands. The market for celebrity mommies -- mama-preneurs -- is huge these days, as every product from strollers to stretch mark cream wants a famous mommy to talk about their product. Simpson can make a stack of cash signing on to promote other peoples products, particularly through social media where she can be paid as much as $5,000 to tweet about baby things. Just by tweeting, Jessica can make seven figures. Easy.

The real money, though, is in reality television. Now that Simpson is navigating the world of being a new mom, viewers will an intimate look at what her life is like. A reality show could bring Jess as much as $5 million a year, and even more if she capitalizes on product placement the way we have seen on Bethenny Frankels show and the Kardashian empire.

And dont forget all that baby weight! Celebrities can make up to $33,000 per pound lost with a diet endorsement deal and Jessica has already been negotiating with Weight Watchers. Criticize her baby weight gain all you want. She is likely going to laugh at us all the way to the bank to the tune of at least $3 million.

Add it all up, and you have $14 million. Or more.

Whoever said having babies was expensive didn't factor in Ms. Simpson.


Cat Claims Baby's Crib As His Own

Who's the baby?

When Reddit user Max Brown and his wife had a crib built for their baby girl, who is due in a few weeks, their cat Finn made himself right at home in it. Brown shared a photo to Imgur last week of the 20-pound feline sprawled out in it.

"I find him in there every few days and pull him out right away," he wrote. "My wife came and got me yesterday and when I saw him I figured I'd get a picture before taking him out."

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Brown's father-in-law, a carpenter, now plans to build a second crib just for the cat.

"When the baby starts using the crib, our plan is to keep the door closed while she is in there," Brown shared in an email to The Huffington Post. "In the process of this photo going to the front page of Reddit (where I originally posted it) we got tons of input and advice from other people who've been in similar situations with their cats and cribs. Mainly we heard when it was all said and done it ended up not being an issue. But just for good measure my wife is going to ask her dad to build a new kitty bed for him so he doesn't feel left out."

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College Essentials Made Easy - CBS News

Boomerang Kids: children who move back home after graduating college.



NEW YORK (CBS) Is your child headed to college this fall? Make the transition easier by bringing all the little things that make a home cozy and warm. There are plenty of things to forget, so check and double check our list of college-must haves before sending them off to school.

Laptop:Laptops are a necessity (along with Microsoft Office Student Edition) because most schools will require Word, Excel, and Power Point. (And don't forget a printer). Most computers come with a printer special if you buy the laptop, but many times you can get a refurbished printer for half the price at office stores like Staples, Office Max, or Microcenter.

Some popular laptops:

-Apple: Mac Notebooks are a great choice because they are very portable, have long battery life, and have a great service plan called Applecare that entitles you to years of service at Apple stores across the U.S. (It's worth it!)

-Dell: Dell Notebooks are affordable, and often have deals with universities that will cover damage for the four years that your child is in school.

-Sony: Sony Notebooks are a great choice because they are well made, last long, and have many different warranty packages -- just in case.

Alarm Clock: Don't be late for class! There are many different types of alarm clocks at many price points, but getting up on-time is essential.

Apple iHome: This alarm also charges your iPod and tunes in to the radio. Find it at Best Buy. Not-so-fancy alarm clocks can be found anywhere from Bed, Bath, and Beyond, to Target, and Walmart.

Backpack/Bookbag: Find a back pack that will be able to fit a computer in side as well as books, and the back pack should be comfortable and withstand the weight.

Some popular backpack brands:

JanSport backpacks meet the basic criteria, they come in a variety of colors to suit your personal style, and have a lifetime warranty: JanSport Northface backpacks are great because they are build for comfort and durability. Not only that, but your backpack and double as a bag for school and weekend activities (camping, biking, etc.)

Water bottle/water filter:Save the environment, and some green (in your wallet that is). No need to buy bottled water, buy a BPA-free water bottle and a water filter and drink like a fish. (Sporting goods stores like Dick's or general stores like Target have a wide variety of water bottles.)

Target/Walmart/Bed Bath and Beyond all have Brita and PUR water filters (pitcher style vs. faucet). Popular BPA Free Water Bottles: Nalgene bottles are durable, dishwasher safe, and come in a variety of designs. Camelbak bottles are fun to drink out of, portable, light, fit in most cup holders and are spill-proof.Or shop online for a wide variety of bottles at various price points at REI.

Digital Camera: Everyone wants to see memories, especially when your kids come home for the holidays.

Some popular brands of digital cameras (These are probably least expensive when purchased online, but all are available at electronic stores, such as Radio Shack and Best Buy):

Canon Powershot,Casio Exilim,Olympus Stylus Tough,Samsung SMX.

Cleaning supplies: NikonSwiffer Duster - This handy little duster cleans up without the mess of traditional dusters. Get coupons here! Formula 409 - This stuff can cut through anything -- including that pizza residue that's stuck to the ceiling of your child's dorm room. Febreeze - Sometimes living with other folks just -- stinks. But your kid's room doesn't have to. Spray this on your bedding, curtains and other fabrics. Lysol wipes - Kick the germs with these handy wipes. Use in the bathroom and kitchen for cleaning up fast.

Comforter and blankets: Keep in mind most college dorm beds are twin extra-long (but every school is different, so check with the housing department on campus).

XL twin bedding can be found at Bed, Bath, and Beyond or online at sites like which offers an array of different patterns at discount prices. has free shipping on orders over $75.00, they also offer fun individualized patterns like zebra print and "Rock Anthem," a comforter covered with guitar silhouettes. has all the essentials when it comes to sheets and comforters at discount prices. You just have to be specific about the search to make sure it is a twin extra-long because they have so many offers free shipping as well on over thirty different styles of sheets. They separate their site by boys bedding and girls bedding, making it a lot easier to find the pattern that you may be looking for.

Desk lamp: Are usually necessary because most rooms only supply an overhead light, and if the roommate wants to sleep, and your child still has homework to do, then a desk light is probably his only option. These can be purchased anywhere from Staples to Target.

Ear phones: Whether they're doing language lab homework, or walking to class with their iPod, a good pair of ear phones comes in handy. Popular brands are:Skullcandy Earphones are durable, have great sound quality, and block out external noise. Bose has many variations of top-quality headphones based on the needs of your child. Their four main categories of headphones are aviation, noise cancelling, mobile, and audio. Ultimate Ear EarphonesSennheiser earphones delivers great sound through their products. They also offer a professional line for those musicians out there.

Egg crate foam mattress pads: In case the beds at the dorms aren't very comfortable (because most are covered with plastic, and almost none offer a bedspring). These can be found at any store that has an "off to college" section such as JCPenney or Walmart.

Extension cords/surge protectors: Don't let a power outage ruin your television or computer. A surge protector is perfect because it protects your electronics from unusual electrical currents and offers multiple plugs so you don't have to go searching the room for an outlet to dry your hair. These are very common and can be found almost anywhere that offers office supplies, such as Best Buy and Office Max.

Flip flops/sandals: Don't go to college without a pair of comfortable shoes, and chances are, the beginning of fall semester will be hot. Be prepared with flip flops that can last through the wear and tear of campus walking. Popular brands:Rainbow Sandals are popular because they have a replacement warranty through the company. These all leather flip flops offer comfortable soles perfect for walking across campus. Havianas are considered the most popular rubber flip flop. Light weight and water proof, they are great for those hot summer daysReefs are surf-inspired sandals for those who want quality without paying too much.Crocs now come in an array of stylish shoes for lightweight comfort in case you have miles of walking ahead of you.

Hand vacuum: Needed when living in a college dorm where crumbs may be neglected. In a small space a small vacuum is called for. Check out consumer reviews on handy vacuums on How Stuff

Hangers: Though many dorms are furnished, they will not be providing hangers in the closets. Don't send your child away to school without giving them something to hang their wardrobe on. These comes in large packs, but ones with a velvet finish do a great job of keeping clothes on the hanger without worrying about them slipping off. You can find these at stores like Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

Hanging mirrors: An often forgotten necessity, these are cheap and easy to find from stores like Target to Walmart. Iron and Ironing board: While an iron does not take up much room, ironing boards would take up too much space in an already cramped environment. Send your child away to school with an old iron from home, but spring for a cheap fold away mini board like this one offered at Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Laundry basket/bag: Save space with a mesh laundry basket. Most home furnishing stores sell an array of different designs. Not only are these lightweight, they stretch if needed, and also fold away when they are empty. Most stores offer an array of different designs depending on what your child's preferences are, Target offers many decorative ones that look good, and have great functionality.

Microwave: Is definitely a necessity for the amount of ramen that will be cooked. has many "off to college" microwaves.

Mini fridge: Where will you put your microwave? On top of the mini fridge where you will be storing leftovers, water, soda, ice-cream, so you'll definitely want one. A variety of mini fridges from super tiny to fairly large can be found here on

Curtains: Blinds can begin to get depressing after a while, and some dormitories suggest you bring your own curtains to make your room a little more "homey." Curtain rods and curtains are easily found at any home furnishing or home appliance store like IKEA or Lowe's.

Plates/eating utensils: Plastic plates, bowls, and utensils are a must. These are cheap, and easily found at Target or Cost Co for those with a membership card.

Rain gear: Umbrellas, rain boots, rain coats. Hunter Rain Boots are very popular because they are fitting, comfortable, light, and designed to cater to men and women differently. Cheaper brands can be found at any department store like Macy's or JC Penney, even Target has their own brand of rain gear for your feet.

Shower caddy/Shower shoes: Don't forget that showers are communal now, so make sure you send your child off to school with a shower caddy to carry all their things to and from their room, as well as a pair of waterproof flip-flops they can wear in the bathroom. No bare feet should touch those tile floors. You can find all kinds of different shower caddis at Dorm, they even have sections to order shower shoes, or if you live in an apartment style dorm, shower caddis to keep in the bathroom so you and your roommates can stay organized.

Long cable cord: Chances are your child will want to bring a television to school. Most dorms are equipped with local cable channels; all you have to do is provide the cable cord. We suggest getting a longer one so that you can run it whichever way you want in the room, that way it won't restrict your decorating preferences. You can find these in any office supplies store such as Best Buy.

Ethernet cord: While most dorms and campuses offer free secure Wi-Fi, often times the system is finicky. Ethernet cords are a great way of insuring that your fast speed internet will be there in the clutch if you're researching on a deadline and the Wi-Fi goes out.These can be found at any basic office supplies store such as Best Buy and Walmart.

Space savers: College dorms aren't exactly the largest spaces to be sharing with someone else. Bring all the necessities and pack them away neatly when you get there with these great space savers. Closet space is something to cherish. Make the most of out of your dorm closet by using some closet organizers like hanging shoe racks, or cube units to separate different parts of your wardrobe into sections (try out this closet storage).Shoes take up a lot of space, so use some under the bed shoe racks, or shoe organizers in your closet to maximize your space (check out these shoe racks).Small knick knacks from everyday life can take up a lot of space, so put them in a decorative basket so all your little things like keys, camera, mittens, can have a safe haven in your room. It helps when you don't have to go searching for them too! (Try these storage baskets and bins.) Your door is a great place to put things, believe it or not. Use some over the door organizers to hang up coats or to dry out towels (Try this over-the-door organizer).

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Choose Sandestin condos for sale from real estate Destin Florida

When you have a plan for buying a home at Florida, then researching on real estate Destin Florida would be the best thing to do. Before choosing Sandestin properties, you need to focus on your budget and choice. You are required to list out your priorities and you need to be assured whether youre looking for traditional residential home, renting an apartment, renting a condos etc. When youre going online to check out properties from the list of real estate Destin Florida, then you need to find out which type of property youre looking for. All of these choices are better choice because they can give you many advantages of better living. If youve have chosen traditional home over modern houses, then also you would be lucky enough to get all the required amenities within the house.

To enjoy the beauty of the beaches, you can always opt for Destin beach house rentals for better accommodation. Also, wonderfully furnished Sandestin condos for sale are there to give you comfortable option for luxurious living. Depending upon your budget, youre free to choose your option for accommodation in and around Destin, Florida. But before investing any money in Sandestin condos, you need to keep certain advantages in your mind:

Buying condominium will give you less pain, because you need not to invest any money for its extra house works. As when you decide to live in condos, you need not to pay attention to roof repair. There is no need to shovel any sidewalk and lawn or pay attention in pool cleaning. Though many condos come with swimming pool; but, it is not your headache to clean it.

Investing any amount of money in Get More Information buying condos would not be waste, because most of the people are very much interested in investing money in condos these days. Thus, if youve a plan selling your property in future, then you would get good resale value for it.

As an owner of the condos, if youre investing any amount in buying condos, it will never cost you more. Because you would be free to replace any furniture and appliance within it and you need no permission for doing so.

When you own condos, then better chance of refreshment is highly insured. You will have a facility of swimming pool, exercising rooms, social activity rooms, gas grills etc. along with many other amenities.

People living near your place would have their own houses. So, you would have better chances making long term bonding with your neighbors. Those who live on rentals in any place would have a chance to move within a short span of time.

After you own a Sandestin properties, it becomes your long term home, because you will have your lease renewals done with you.


Real Estate Investing – 4 Magic Numbers to Make You Rich and Wealthy!


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When it comes to real estate investment, particularly residential real estate, the likelihood of you falling in love with a real estate asset is stronger than it is for other less tangible asset classes (bonds, stocks, pensions etc).

Many people fall in love with toxic properties that look good on the eye or feel good to the ego. But these kind of self indulgent, ego-trip asset purchases can quickly turn into massive liabilities, eroding Balance Sheets and destroying Income Statements. Why? Because investing is an intellectual sport and your emotions have to be left on the side lines. Youve got to run your numbers first and foremost. When it comes to property investing, sometimes ugly is beautiful. Ironically, sometimes the ugliest looking property runs the best numbers.

Cash flow is always king in any business or property portfolio; far more important than capital appreciation if you ask me. Capital appreciation may increase your net worth but cash-flow will put cash in your bank account and keep you liquid! If I had to choose between net positive cash flow and guaranteed capital appreciation Id chose cash flow all the way.

The challenge in property investment is to minimise the down payment (which will maximise your mortgage) whilst at the same time generating net positive cash flow each month.

Knowing the following 4 numbers will stand you in good stead and really must be estimated to the best of your knowledge prior to making any real estate investment.

1. Net Rental Income

I like to buy property assuming no natural capital appreciation will ever occur (even though of course it will). Property will generally double in value every 7 to 10 years. Note: This is a trend and not a one-way bet! Either which way, we dont want to wait around for that natural appreciation to occur before we begin building wealth. Therefore, ideally we want each property investment to generate net positive cash-flow i.e. a source of passive income.

So, when montana property consultants investing in property the first key figure to focus on is net rental income. Many real estate agents will quote gross yield figures i.e. the annual rent as a percentage of the property price. Whilst this is a reasonable indicator of your potential return on investment it wont actually tell you how much money youre gonna make (or potentially lose!). So, I prefer to focus on net yields and ultimately net income i.e. how much net dollars a property will put in my back pocket each month.

Net Rental Income = Gross Rental Income (Operating + Debt Servicing Costs)

In addition to debt servicing (i.e. mortgage) costs, the following are the typical operating costs which you will need to deduct from your gross rental figure to arrive at a net income figure: Management Fees, City/Council/State Taxes, Repairs/Maintenance Costs, Property Taxes/Ground Rents, Insurance Costs, Voids (Vacancy Periods), Utilities, Etc.

As a general guideline, you should be aiming to achieve a gross rent of at least 150% of the propertys mortgage repayments to cover all operational costs and leave some net rental income for yourself.

Interest rates and market forces will impact your cash flow and net rental income figures. So, stress test your cash-flow forecast for a 1% or 2% rise in interest rates or a 20 or 30% reduction in rental income and see how this impacts net rental income figures.

The reason I like the net rental income test is that apart from the other numbers we will look at below, this income number will actually tell you how much cash a particular property will put into your back pocket each month (were leaving aside income tax for the moment). So, a good question to ask yourself even before you work out the net rental income figure is: How much net income would I need to get from this property in order to make it worth my while?

2. Cash-on-Cash Return

Many rich investors use the cash-on-cash return analysis as a kind of back of a napkin test to establish if a property investment is worth further analysis.

Cash-On-Cash Return = Annual Cash-flow (Before Tax)/Total Cash Invested

So, for example, you could purchase a property for $100,000 and use $30,000 of your own cash as a down payment. Assuming the net cash-flow (after all expense) from renting the property was $700 monthly, than the Cash-On-Cash return for that investment would be $8,400/30,000 = .28 (28%)

I like to see > 20 % (and ideally closer to 30%) Cash-on-Cash Return before Ill consider investing.

3. Net Rental Yield

Many real estate agents will quote gross yield rather than net yield. However, net yield is the figure you need to work off particularly if youre investing in new geographic territories; you need to do your due diligence and work out the running costs associated with that particular piece of property.

Gross Rental Yield = Annual Rent/Property Cost

So, using the same numbers as the above example, Gross Yield = $950 x 12/100,000 = .114 i.e. 11.4%

Net Rental Yield = Annual Rent Operating Costs / Property Cost

So, using the same numbers as in the above example, Net Rental Yield = $700 x 12/100,000 = .084 i.e. 8.4%

So when a real estate agent quotes you a yield of X% for a particular property, ask him/her whether thats gross or net. If they stare at you blankly than make sure you do your own research on the costs of running the property. As a guideline, you can estimate 30% of the rental income for operating costs but again youd have run your own costing analysis on each property to arrive at an accurate figure.

Having worked out the net rental yield for a particular property, you can compare it against the potential net rental yields from other investment properties to help you decide which offers the best opportunity for net positive cash flow.

4. Capitalization Rate

Capitalization Rate = Annual Net Operating Income/ Cost (or Value) of the Property

If a property is purchased for $100,000 and it produces $10,000 in positive net operating income (the amount of income after fixed costs and variable costs have been deducted), then the Cap Rate of that particular property is:

$10,000 / $100,000 = 0.10 = 10%

It is more accurate to use the current value of the property (rather than the initial cost) in determining the cap rate. This is because as the value of an asset increases, we should see a corresponding increase in the income it produces in order to maintain a decent cap rate. A decent cap rate is 10% or more.

Indirectly, a cap rate will tell you how fast an investment will pay for itself. A cap rate of 10% tells you that it will take 10 years for that asset to be fully capitalized i.e. paid for.

Your money is essentially a capital asset. As an investor you should be expecting a personal rate of return from the use of your money. The Cap Rate gives you this indication. If an apartment can be purchased for $100,000, and you as an investor expect to make at least 8% on your real estate investments, then by multiplying the $100,000 purchase price by 8% you know that that particular property must generate $8000, or more, per annum, after operating expenses, in order for it to be a viable investment.

Cap Rate is often used by real estate professionals for valuing a property. So, for example, if you knew that a property advertised for sale produces a net operating income of $10,000, and as a professional investor you worked off a projected Cap Rate of 8%, then the asset value (or price you would consider paying for that property) is $125,000 (i.e. $10,000 / .08).

In summary:

Just knowing these 4 numbers will put you streets ahead of most novice investors and could save you a fortune by eliminating any potential investment in negative cash-flow properties that will only serve to erode your wealth. I only wish I had known these 4 numbers earlier on in my property investing endeavours! It could have saved me an awful lot of money! Property investing is relatively high-risk. Your job as an investor is to manage and minimise risk. By running your numbers first you eliminate the no.1 risk and cause of most property investing failures: negative cash flow. Brush up on your real estate investment math before you rush out and buy any piece of investment property. It could save you a fortune or make you a fortune!

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