Roundup: Daniel Murphy is the Mets Hero; JR Smith Broke Paul George's Ankles

Roundup: Daniel Murphy is the Mets Hero; JR Smith Broke Paul Georges Ankles | The Big Lead

Tianna Gregory, a model ... assistant principal "reassigned" after appearing in the very beginning of this Trey Songz twerk-heavy video ... restaurants raises prices, but cut tipping ... watch a truck fly off the highway during a road rage incident ... "Florida man and goateed wife accused of abusing elder" ... a handful of extremely wealthy families donate most of the money to Presidential campaigns ... well, this is sad: "Christianity Faces Extinction in Iraq Within Five Years" ... 49-year old "Farm Girl" mom makes $100k a year making videos of herself in a bikini ... awesome chart on "how companies value body parts" ... this one's for Homepage all the Terence Trent D'Arby fans ... "Woman accused of taking clothes off, trashing Subway in custody" ... black man detailed by Alabama police for jogging at night ... something you surely have given no thought to: What are the demographics of heaven? ... "80-year-old Jewish woman who marched into the Gestapo to demand the release of her son" ...

Daniel Murphy was the hero, and it's a good thing the Mets manager didn't listen to twitter about his pitching moves. New York 3, Los Angeles 2, and the Mets advance to the NLCS. [NYDN]

Stanford blasted UCLA, 56-35, on the strength of a monster game from Christian McCaffrey, who had 369 all-purpose yards and four TDs. Also, this happened. [Fox Sports]

I implore you to read Woj hammer the Kardashians. [Yahoo Sports]

Saints 31, Falcons 21. New Orleans knocks Atlanta from the ranks of the unbeaten. []

How the Milwaukee Bucks landed Greg Monroe. [ESPN]

Sorry, not a fan of pushing the NCAA Tournament back a month (or even two). Why? Accomplishes nothing. [College Hotline]

Sad read from Les Carpenter about Kenney Bui, the high school football player in Washington who had a 4.0 GPA and died on the field. [Guardian]

Jay Bilas will debate Andrew Luck's dad, Oliver, about paying college athletes. [The DPost]

GGG - Gennady Golovkin - is boxing this weekend, and he's boxing's best story right now. [WSJ]

Devonta Freeman of the Falcons is taking online classes at night to get his college degree. [MMQB]

Nate Huffman, who starred at Central Michigan and later went on to a successful career with Maccabi Tel Aviv in Israel, died at the age of 40 from bladder cancer. [Jerusalem Post]

Been talking about how this is going to be a story all season: The Thunder's last chance to keep Kevin Durant. [ESPN]

Myles Garrett of Texas A & M could be the #1 pick in the 2017 NFL draft. Here's a sack ... with no hands.

I hate putting a commercial in the Roundup, but I'm a big Back to the Future fan.

JR Smith, absolutely gorgeous. Yes, that's Paul George who ended up on his butt.

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